Sunday, 1 March 2015


So i just want to share my new favorite false lashes with everyone. I wore these to my course annual law ball and I loved them. Even though they were very long they did look very classy and much more natural than a lot of other lashes I have tried. These are number 16 Red Cherry human hair lashes. These were great as I didn't even need to trim them and the strip of lases is extremely thin which makes it a lot more flexible and invisible. I bought mine on Amazon for around £3 which is super cheap especially considering they are real human hair and look so stunning!

 One thing I have to say though is do not buy this glue!! it was such a hassle. when you cut the top of the tube off to open it the opening is way too big and the glue is so runny it literally pours out and is impossible to apply a thin line to the lashes. I ended up using the glue from a pair of Primark lashes as it has a little application wand which is a lot more precise. 

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