Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Today I thought I would make a post on the health products which to me are really important to my daily routine and overall health. The products I am going to write about may not be necessary for everyone but you may find something that is just what you need.
I never used to bother with anything like supplements or organic products before and my energy levels, immune system and skin were clearly suffering. 
I especially was not thinking about the fact that what I was putting into my body was directly affecting the appearance of my skin and I thought that using a bunch of chemical filled skin creams would sort my problems. As I also suffer from dry skin that was not the case at all. 

By doing lots of research and reading I found the products which were most important and simple for me to add to my diet and daily routine and I am so glad that I have learned about these as my skin and overall health has improved significantly since.

First of all I want to start with a product which I think is extremely important for all women. These are organic 100% cotton tampons
I was literally horrified to learn that the average tampons you buy at the drugstore contain chemical bleach and chlorine along with other harsh chemicals. Many women do not know this and neither did I as the tampon companies are not required to list their ingredients as they are classed as "medical products" therefore you never really know what chemicals are going inside you. 
I had also read reviews by women who had switched to these organic tampons saying their cramps and overall sickness during their period had really improved as well. This is a product which I am so thankful I found out about and would definitely recommend. 

The next one is pure cod liver oil. As I am not a massive fan of fish and don't tend to eat it often these are perfect for me. These contain vitamins A, D and also a lot of Omega 3 which can be really difficult to intake from a regular everyday diet especially for busy people who don't have time to cook really healthy meals often.
These help to maintain healthy joints and repair broken skin, teeth, nails and hair. 
Vitamin D has also been shown to improve functions of the brain so if you have exams around winter time when you aren't getting much sun, these should really help. 

Next are Vitamin C and Zinc
Zinc is commonly found in seafoods and meat.
Having low levels of zinc in your body can lead to cravings of sweet/sugary foods, low energy levels, bad memory and problems concentrating.  As a student these are all things I was to avoid. 
Zinc has also been show to help with acne and spots which is another bonus. 

Vitamin C on the other hand is used by the body to form collagen which is the main protein found in skin tissue. It also increases the amount of iron we can absorb form foods and therefore also improving skin. It is also said to help combat the side effects that stress can have on the internal organs and reduce cholesterol. 

I personally find these to be two of the most important supplements especially in winter when i tend to eat less fresh fruit and vegetables and my immune system is therefore weaker. 

This fourth supplement is Allicin. It is a chemical compound taken from raw garlic. It acts like a natural antibiotic agains bacteria and diseases. It removes toxins from the body as it is an anti-oxidant and boosts the immune system. As I don't take garlic in my normal diet, these are a great supplement. 

This next product is my favourite facial cream. I really believe in using as few chemicals and as many organic products as possible on the skin. These days there are chemicals packed into pretty much everything which are so unnecessary and unhealthy. 
This cream has bioactive natural organic ingredients which include: Manuka honey, aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter and sunflower seed oil. I think the fact that all of these ingredients are organic is amazing! It contains no perfume but smells like honey. 

It is literally crazy the amount of chemicals that are packed into body washes and although I still use them now and again I much prefer using an organic soap. As I have dry skin using natural bars of soap have improved my skin so much it is amazing. Tea tree has antibacterial properties which makes it perfect to use on the face to prevent spots and treat acne without drying out the skin as it is also very soothing. Its antibacterial properties also mean it is great for combatting body odours as these are often caused by bacteria. 
I love how you can get all of these benefits from such a natural products which you can't even get from all the chemical filled products. 

I really think any natural soap is so much better for skin than artificial perfume filled body washes! 

Coconut oil has got to be my favourite natural product ever. It is important for it to be cold pressed so that none of its goodness is killed so be sure to look for that if you are purchasing it. 

It literally has so many uses so heres a list of things that I personally like to use it for.
1. For my hair. Either a tiny bit on the ends or as a hot oil mask overnight.
2. For shaving as it makes my skin really smooth, there is really no need for chemical shaving creams when you have this! 
3. For my skin as moisturiser 
4. As a body scrub by mixing it with natural cane sugar 
5. The teeth whitening 'oil pulling' method by melting it in the microwave and then keeping it in my mouth for 10-15 minutes daily. 
6.  Adding it to smoothies
7. Removing makeup 

Overall with my main meal everyday I take 4 supplements, vitamin C, zinc, cod liver oil and Allicin. 
Although this may seem like a lot, it literally takes 2 minutes to take them all at once and the benefits are amazing. I keep them all on my desk and not hidden in a cupboard so that I can see them and remember to take them. 

I hope this post is inspiring to anyone looking for some health tips!

Lots of love 
Emma xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Today I thought I would make a post on my quickest and most natural looking makeup routine. I always go for this minimal look when I don't have anywhere important to be like if I'm at uni, the library, or just chilling with friends. 
I am not totally sure why but I just can't stand having a lot of makeup on when I am studying, I think it's because I end up touching my face more than I realise. 

Here are the products I am currently using:

Here is how it looks:

The Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation is currently my favourite foundation for summer. It gives a really light, even and smooth coverage without looking at all cakey. The shade I am wearing is 20 'cameo'. 

On top of my foundation I like to use the Match Perfection concealer by Rimmel London. This is great and saves time as it is also a highlighter. I apply this under my eyes, on my brow bone and at the sides of my nose. 

I don't contour my face everyday as I feel like it takes a lot more time and concentration to do it properly and I would be worried that I hadn't blended it well enough if I did it in a rush. I do however like to add some colour to my cheek bones everyday to make my foundation look more natural. I either use my Milani blush or a light bronzer. Currently I am using the Tan Liquid Glow by Seventeen. This adds colour while creating a more dewy look which I feel makes me look more fresh and awake. 

For my brows I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe. I do prefer the way my brows look using the Dipbrow Pomade but again that takes a lot more time so I just quickly fill them in with the pencil when I don't have much time.

For my eyes I will use eyeliner depending on how much time I have as I like to draw more attention to my eyes when I have more natural looking makeup on. The eyeliner I am currently using is the Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner and the mascara I like to use for this look is Show Girl by Barry M as it literally leaves no clumps whatsoever and therefore looks a lot more natural.

So that's it for my natural 5 minute makeup routine, I hope you enjoyed reading!
Lots of love xxx

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Thank you to Luxemme for sending me this beautiful jacket. It is exactly what I have been looking for for the late summer and early autumn months. I have received many compliments on it and I especially like how I have not seen anything quite the same in any of my high street fashion stores. 
Luxemme are a small high quality boutique and you can check out their shop here!
I hate how I have to wait for a non-rainy day to make a fashion post here in Scotland but I was so happy that it was still sunny when I finished work today so I could finally make this post. I am now chilling with my feet up reading my new favourite book 'It's Kind of a Funny Story' by Ned Vizzini as some of you may already know from my Instagram.

My jacket is £35 on the Luxemme website here
My top is from Topshop 
My jeans are from River Island 
My shoes are also from Topshop 

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!
Lots of love 
Emma xx
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