Thursday, 19 January 2017

Iris J Jewellery

Iris J is a jewellery designer based in Hong Kong who designs stunning high end pieces for women. When you order a piece of jewellery from Iris it gets specially made for you, which I think is so unique and meaningful. I think all of the pieces in her shop are perfect gifts. I especially love how these rings are so simple and elegant yet so unique at the same time. I personally find it really easy to tell when someone is wearing a piece of jewellery that cannot easily be found in a high street store and that is why I love these rings, as I have never come across this design in a shop before. 

From her shop you can buy both of these rings or just one. They are stackable and the contrast between the colours makes the ring eye catching without it looking chunky. Both rings are real silver and are imprinted with '925'.

You can check out Iris' etsy shop here 
You can also email her at
Also check out her Instagram here 

Let me know what you think!  

Lots of love xx


  1. this ring set is lovely

  2. I love rings and these two are so beautiful! I will check this shop asap! x


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  5. ���� Great rings, absolutely love!!

  6. These are so beautiful and sit so nice together!


  7. Just lovin' these rings and how they fit together!!! WWOWOWOWOW

    xoBeckerman Girls

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